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Singer-songwriter Muroki has been making big moves in the local music scene over the last year after becoming the first signee to Benee’s new record label, Olive and joining her on the sold-out nationwide tour. He’s also been named as a featured artist in Live Nation’s Ones to Watch. We had a little chat with Muroki to talk about his single Wavy, his favourite thing about living in Raglan and what inspires him to create!

Hey Muroki! How you doin man?

I’m pretty good man, just trying to keep busy. Must say I’m getting a little restless to play some shows.

Yea I fkn bet! Lockdown's been a drag eh. Tell me a bit about yourself, when and where did your musical path first start?

I’m a Kenyan/Pakeha 20 year old who grew up in raglan. I first started playing music when I was 9, and haven’t stopped since.

Just saw that your single ‘Wavy’ hit 2 million streams! Congrats bro! What was your favourite part of making the track? 

Thank you my bro. My favourite part was definitely at the end of the session when me and my producer Djasian Suskov were drinking beers and listening back to what we had just created. It was a pretty phenomenal feeling.

Yea I bet, it's a dope track. You should be super stoked with it. What do you want people to take from your music?

I’ve always wanted my tunes to evoke the same emotion in people that I felt whilst writing them or enduring the experiences.

All photos by 
Rāwhai Wetere

What’s it like being signed to BENEE’s label? How’d it happen? 

It’s wonderful because she’s one of my best mates now. It all started with a DM about my song ‘For Better Or Worse’ and everything followed from there.

Would you say you always wanted to make music and did you grow up in a musical family? 

Ever since I picked up the gat, I knew I had to make myself a lifestyle surrounded by music. Yeah, my family are quite musical. 

Dope! What inspires you the most to create? How do you get inspired to write songs?

I get inspired to play music when I see other musicians or artists absolutely shredding their talents. Life experiences get me inspired to write songs.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Raglan? 

My closest friends all live here. 

Word! Plus everytime I'm there it's always good fun haha. Your flat is a vibe too. 
3 songs you’ve been jamming on repeat lately?

‘I Wonder Why’ by Josef, Loyle Carner
‘Flowers’ by Andrew Ashlong, Theo Parrish
’Superstylin’ by Groove Armada

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully surrounded by good people, good surf and loads of music.

Lastly, what’s your favourite “THATS A FKN WRAP” moment?

Those long skins arriving in the mail ready to be rolled into a fat splifftaaaa. Also wrapping up the Wavy video haha.

Facts, that video shoot was a heeeectic one. Thanks for the chat Muroki! Looking forward to see what's next from you.


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